Things you didn’t know about motorcycle towing

How to get your motorcycle ready and safe and get to a new destination in one piece? Here is a list of motorcycle tower tips:

  • Check for Damage: To prevent potential damage conflicts during shipment, create a report of existing damage before pickup. You may also want to take dated pictures of your motorcycle.
  • Clean your motorcycle: It will be helpful to you and the driver when testing it before chasing for any signs of damage.
  • Special Instructions: Keep a specific list of any problems your motorcycle may have. Your carrier will want to know these things when loading and unloading your motorcycle.
  • Accessibility: Make the tractor-trailer accessible to both pick and drop your motorcycle locations
  • Alarm: If your motorcycle has an alarm, please disable it before ordering.
  • Tires: Make sure your tires are swollen properly and you have no fluid leakage.
  • Battery: Must be protected and battery cables protected from being electrical short. The liquid must not leak.
  • Weight: Know the weight of your motorcycle to avoid overbilling.
  • Gas Tank: It is always a safe precaution to drain your gas tank and remove your battery. If you have your motorcycle encased in a crate, the gas tank needs to be drained.
  • Unlock steering: Make sure it’s unlocked and remove keys.
  • Mirror: Fold them all in if possible.
  • Thorns: Keep them unlocked.
  • Loose Items: Empty Saddlebags, Remove Glove Boxes Remove These items will not be insured if included with your shipment.
  • Inventory Sheet: Maintain a list sheet signed by the motorcycle manufacturer.
  • Use a tow truck Yonkers.